Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DovBear re "Jewish Superstars"

Here's an interesting post suggesting that Jewish leadership may have been taken over by just a few well-known people.

My favorite comments:

Garnel Ironheart
I've suspected for some time that the tremendous success of your blog is what's relegated mine to backwater status. Now I know for sure.

Yesterday, 12:15:41 PM


A) I'm not a superstar; nor am I that successful

B) The problem isn't that the marketplace is dominated; the problem is its already occupied; all the popular blogs started before FaceBook. Getting off the ground after 2007 was nearly impossible.

Yesterday, 1:03:41 PM


Garnel Ironheart
> I'm not a superstar; nor am I that successful

Pardon me while I spray my coffee out through my nose and laugh uproariously at that comment...

Okay, I'm done. Sorry about the mess.

Yesterday, 1:46:59 PM


On the other hand, I started blogging before Facebook, in 2004, and I'm not a superstar, either. Garnel, welcome me to the "backwater." :)


Blogger Miami Al said...

Blogging was the "next big thing" in the early 2000s, there was a good chance to establish a following. By 2004 it was established, and blogs linking to each other was taking over the Internet. Google was VERY interested in blogs for link popularity, since blogging was the best example of their original work: links = citations = votes

When Facebook took off, really whenever the Facebook newsfeed was added to the site, and you no longer needed a "network" to join (the original site was a college photo site), blogging stopped growing the same way. If I want to put pictures of my kids up for the grandparents, I don't set up a blog, they setup Facebook accounts to view. If I want to share my links with my friends, I don't put it on my blog, I put it on Facebook (or Twitter for that group).

While the popular blogs were industry/niche based, the bulk of the blogs were personal. The "wisdom of crowds" let the waves of bloggers shape the web's link structure, which moved good content up and bad content down. That's how DovBear and others rose to stardom.

My brother's last Internet venture was started in 2006 or so... he said that if he started now, he'd NEVER have the success he had, the net has changed because of social media.

You have a dedicated following, much harder to get now.

Thu Dec 30, 09:56:00 AM 2010  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

"You have a dedicated following, "

Thanks, and it's a good thing, too--I haven't resigned myself to joining Facebook yet. I just want to write posts, not to worry about "friending" and "unfriending," etc., and maintaining a "wall." Also, I feel freer writing under a pseudonym. I certainly couldn't write freely about my synagogue, or about my real-life friends and family, if I could be identified.

Thu Dec 30, 11:56:00 AM 2010  

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